Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell bugs?

We do not sell any bugs, dead or alive. We only sell our own merchandise and our time. However, our founder, Jessica, works at which is the source of many of our bugs! Shop online here.

Where are you located?

Nowhere and everywhere! We do not have a physical location other than the private homes of our founders. We are a pop-up, mobile, mini museum and we visit other locations like Paxton Gate, Nucleus Gallery, classrooms, community centers, Multnomah County Library, and anyone who wants to host us, really! We also host our own events like our Tea Party series.

Will you do this event for free?

While we would love to give everyone the opportunity to see the Insectarium, we cannot afford to show up for free. Currently all money goes right back into the business and we are still paying out of our own pockets. We do have events that are free to the public, for example our visits to Paxton Gate and the Multnomah County Library. 

Can we touch/hold the bugs?

It depends. We have several critters that are fine to come out and be touched, but there are strict rules about when, where, and which bugs can come out. Here are some of our touchable bugs and their conditions.
  • Hissing cockroaches: They can almost always come out, but will try to run and hide if the light is too bright. Touching and holding is okay.
  • ​Death-feigning beetles:  They can also come out almost any time and are virtually indestructible. However, they play dead and will not move much. Touching and holding is okay.
  • Millipede: Large Marge is our Sonoran desert millipede and she is...large. If dropped, it can be fatal. She can come out and walk on the floor but no holding.  Touching is allowed but it should be known that they secrete toxic chemicals so wash hands after touching.
  • Tarantula: Debbie Harry is our only handleable tarantula. She has never bitten or kicked irritating hairs. Tarantulas are very sensitive to sound and vibration so she can only be taken out in quiet environments. Leg touching only, no holding.

All handling sessions must occur on the floor or hands over a table to avoid drops. Nervous people are only allowed to touch, not hold (a startled flinch can result in a drop or throw).

You may observe our staff handling other animals like mantises or other spiders, but we are experts and the only ones allowed to handle them.

Are your events kid-friendly? or Are your events only geared towards kids?

We get both of these questions, though the second one is often more of an assumption. The short answer is that we try to be accessible to everyone. We have 21+ events like our Drink & Draw at Nucleus Gallery and we have library classes for toddlers and lots in between! On our event page, we note if the event is 21+, otherwise it is always kid-friendly but not always geared towards kids.